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In 2005, Base Logistics responded to five hurricanes.

Hurricane Cindy (Cat 1) dumped heavy rains on Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Maryland; Hurricane Dennis (Cat 3) hit the western tip of the Florida panhandle and then tracked up through Alabama and Mississippi; Hurricane Emily (Cat 3) hit Mexico about 86 miles south of Brownsville, Texas; Hurricane Katrina (strong Cat 3) wrecked southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi; and Hurricane Wilma (Cat 3) hit southwestern Florida and crossed over the peninsula into the Atlantic Ocean.

Base Logistics was there to support the responders and restoration workers.   

We set up and managed 79 base camps and staging sites in five states over a period of six months.

We deployed 61 catering units, along with 345,000 sq. ft. of dining tents; and we served over two million meals.

We also furnished supplementary services and facilities:

o Alternative lodging (tents, bunk trailers, etc.) for 13,600 people.  

o Furnished various supplementary support services and facilities: 300 shower heads in mobile shower units, 13 mobile laundry units, 1,500 portable toilets, 200 trash roll offs, light towers, roll offs, and more.

Other Base Logistics Hurricane Responses

2010:  Hurricane Alex, 10 sites, Texas.

2010: Tropical Storm Bonnie, 1 site, Louisiana.

2008:  Hurricane Ike, 58 sites, Texas & Mississippi.

2008:  Hurricane Gustav, 62 sites, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi.

2008:  Tropical Storm Edouard, 16 sites, Texas.

2008:  Hurricane Dolly, 10 sites, Texas.

2007:  Hurricane Humberto, 22 sites, Texas.

2007:  Hurricane Noel, 1 site, Massachusetts.

2007:  Tropical Storm Erin, 4 sites, Texas.

2007:  Hurricane Dean, 1 site, Texas.

2005:  Hurricane Wilma, 3 sites, Florida.